I am the fittest mom I know!

October 20, 2007


when i got my body composition scan done, and was told by my dr that i had the body fat of an athlete, and that muscularly i was maxed out, i couldn’t believe it.

i have been athletic all my life, figure skating competitively for many years, performing in local dance companies after college. but i also struggled a lot with my weight. i joined overeaters anonymous for many years which helped me a lot. i learned how to spot, and resolve resentment, and what they call “self will”, as well as to see the connection between my eating to my inner feelings and my “”spiritual” well being. with that growth, i became able to make really good food choices, and maintain a good weight.

in my thirties i got married and began to have children… one after the other! now we have 5 beautiful children, ages 4 to 12. for the 10 years or so that i was either pregnant, nursing, or attached to little ones, i still ate well and did some exercise but naturally it could not be a main focus. a few years ago i felt that if i didn’t reconnect to my physical self i would go crazy. i just wasn’t comfortable in my body. i didn’t like that my stomach stuck out a bit, and that my butt sagged. i wasn’t over weight, but i felt like i wasn’t really myself – i wanted to be leaner, stronger, and more flexible. i wanted to be my best.

i started to carve out an hour or two a day for myself, to exercise really hard, and stretch. sometimes i felt guilty, like i was being selfish. but i saw how great i was feeling, and knew that it was important for me to address my own personal goals, not only those of my husband and children.

often i had a really negative mantra in my head: that i was fat, that nothing could change. i learned how to use positive affirmations to keep me centered, and off of the negative emotional downhill spiral.

today i am the most fit mom i know! i exercise really hard 5-6 days a week, and i eat really well. why? because it just makes me happy! it is part of a relationship that i have with myself… to listen to my body, and my heart, and do what makes me happy!

Deb W- Orange, CT

I ran my first 5 k!

October 20, 2007

I enrolled in the 90-day program with JJ at the onset of the busiest and most stressful cycle I experience with my job. I knew that if I could fit exercise and weekly phone calls into my schedule during those busy months, I could make exercise a regular part of my schedule all the time.

I was right. But what I didn’t expect were the immediate benefits I felt and saw. After just a couple of weeks of consistent exercise and healthy eating, I realized that I wasn’t coming home exhausted and mentally drained. I didn’t ache when I got out of the car after driving three or more hours a day. I wasn’t grumpy.

The program works because of the personal attention JJ gives each client. My weekly calls with JJ were an opportunity for me to ask questions, share my successes and frustrations, and gain more insight into the reasons why I was having success or setbacks. Each phone call helped me learn a little more about myself and the habits and attitudes I had toward exercise and food. JJ is more than a trainer. In many ways, she takes on the role of a counselor by helping clients explore the reasons why exercise and healthy eating haven’t been a part of our lives. JJ helped me identify and manage my excuses and impulses. She helped me focus on the reasons why I could and should make better choices. JJ’s program is empowering and helps establish habits that go far beyond the 90-day workbook.

On the 89th day of my 90-day program, I jogged in a 5K, and finished 20 minutes sooner than I had calculated I could! A year before, I stood on the sidelines at this same race and cheered my husband to the finish line. I remember thinking then that there was no way I would ever want to run…much less choose to run in a race. This year, registering for the race was my idea, and I was able to run more of the race than my husband!

After 90 days, I dropped from a size 16 down to a size 12 (but I’m almost in a 10!). I lost seven pounds and 11 inches, and I lowered my body fat by 4%! But the biggest improvement is that I am committed to being good to myself. For the firs time in my life, I have made my own health a priority.


When I needed the most support

October 19, 2007

“I have been working with J.J. Flizanes for the past 4 weeks on the 90 Day Follow Up Program. This opportunity came to me at such an appropriate time in my life.

J.J.’s program, although dealing very much with physical health and well being also deals with the mental and emotional balance life needs to be complete. I not only feel more fit but I feel very positive in spite of the turmoil and stress that surrounds me. I’m better able to cope with the curve balls.I look forward to the exercise on a daily basis and I crave healthier foods. The weekly phone calls keep me focused and J.J. has really helped me to see a long term picture for a fit and fabulously healthy future.
I’d recommend this program to everyone, J.J. is awesome.”

-Leah K, North Vancouver, BC


I can wear my skinny jeans!

October 19, 2007

In 12 weeks ( 90 days), I have started to see positive changes in my body- I have lost over 10 pounds, 3% bodyfat, 5 inches and went from wearing 12/14 pants to size 10. My family and even my clients have made comments on how terrific I look. JJ coached me to eat healthier and I am still enjoying my favorite foods like lasagna on a well planned day. Already I feel stronger, more fit, and I now look forward to my exercise every day instead of viewing it as a chore to be completed. JJ challenged me to keep moving forward without being overbearing or making me feel inadequate in any way. She has become a trusted confidante and a friendly coach. I am grateful that our paths have crossed!”

-Jacqui K, Wantaugh, NY

I had body image issues

October 19, 2007

“I am really, really glad that I signed up to do the 90 day program with JJ. I learned a lot about exercise,eating, and also had the opportunity to deal with the emotional blocks to creating a healthier life style. I am adept at using my heart monitor now! I have really increased my strength and endurance since paying attention to my heart rate. I was already eating very well, but I learned that I wasn’t getting enough protein. Now I am more aware of what the food I eat does for me. Lastly, I opened up to JJ about body image issues, and just negative thoughts I had that were in the way of developing a healthy self image, and personal satisfaction. I have embraced the use of affirmations and find them very centering now. I have new tools that are part of my life now. I feel stronger, healthier and happier!”

-Deb W., Orange CT.

If you’re worried about how this works….

October 19, 2007


Congrats! If you’re considering working with JJ, you are at a great turning point!

You may be worried about not being accountable to anyone as part of this program. I wondered the same thing. There are several things I realized after going through the program. To keep it simple,here’s a list

1. I am ultimately accountable and responsible only to myself, and it feels good to know I can count on me to take care of me.

2. JJ asked me for exercise commitments at the end of each call, and she did follow-up the next week. What’s even better than working with a physical trainer is that if I didn’t make my goal, we talked about WHY. This is so much better than making excuses or apologies for missing an appointment with a trainer. JJ helped me explore the reasons why I avoided exercise and enabled me to prevent those excuses from taking control. That’s so much more empowering than guilt, which ultimately is a negative feeling and will only push you further away from choosing to exercise and eat well simply because it feels good.

4. As you exercise more, you’ll find internal reasons why you want to exercise (for me, my back quit hurting, I slept better, I experienced less stress, more confidence, fit into cuter clothes, etc.)

5. In my limited experience with trainers, I’ve found that they create a cycle of dependency. They foster the belief that you’ll only be successful if you commit to working with them. JJ’s program trains you to be committed to yourself, and gives you the tools to manage a fit life,not a fitness program.

I am healthier because of my long-distance- commitment to JJ. I completed the 90-day program in June. As it worked out, the last day of the program was the same day as a 5K race I ran–I would have NEVER done that before this program. I ran in another one last week-almost two months after the program ended. I’m still doing well and am enjoying a more active life.”

-Renee L., Austin TX



I can’t believe phone coaching changed my life!

October 19, 2007

“Today, my son and I were about to enter the gym when one of the ladies who teaches Group Fitness, who was also entering the gym, said to me, “You must be very proud of yourself.” I said, “Why’s that?” She continued with “How you have transformed your body? You look great.” I was shocked. I have to admit that I am surprised on how well this is working. Not being able to work together (physically) you have gotten me down the better path. The tools you have introduced and the better use of my time with cardio and weights at the gym, as well as the more fruits and veggies for snacks has improved my “invisible” fitness, which has really changed my mental being. I have wondered why it’s called invisible fitness, now I know why. It starts with the inside and we have all been “trained” by articles that the outside is where the priority is. I’ve been doing the outside for years and now I see it starts inside. The outside will follow suit. You have helped me see things in a much better light, plus put me down the better path. I feel great!! YOU HAVE EVEN MORE TALENT THEN JUST GOOD WORKOUTS. I’ve been able to keep on the positive side of things, re-adjusting my thinking so it’s not getting the best of me. My stress level hasn’t been there, Thanks JJ, You have the greatest insight.“

– Sally M.
Loxahatchee, Florida