Coaching Special- Save 50% or more!!

I remember back in 2001 when I heard of fitness coaching for the first time.  I thought “how the heck do you do that?” , “how can THAT make ANY sense????”.  I was a personal trainer so the thought of coaching was me telling someone how many reps of an exercise to do over the phone!  WRONG!!!

My first coaching client was from Florida in 2006 and she had just read an article in a magazine about a client of mine and the program we did.  She said “can you help me?”  and I replied ” I can try!”.  2 months, 8 pounds and much happinesss later, I realized that the MOST important part of what I do is helping to make lifestyle changes starting with their habits and their minds.

Our 90 Day Health and Body Makeover program is 100% money back guaranteed because through this process I saw how effective dealing with the habits, accountability and beliefs really was.

So for some of you skeptics out there that ARE curious but don’t want to make a big commitment, I am offering for 1 week an opportunity to TRY coaching…. With little risk.

Package #1 ” I am new to this!”
Includes: Initial Consultation, 1 coaching session

& What’s Missing in Your Weight Loss Plan

4 audio cd set plus 2 week workbook
Regular Price: $515.00
Fall into Winter Special $250.00

Package #2:” I’m stuck and I need help!”
Includes: Initial consultation, 2 coaching sessions &What’s Missing in Your Weight Loss Plan 4 audio cd set and 3 week workbook
Regular Price $745.00
Fall into Winter Special $497.00

Package #3: “You’re my last hope!”
Includes: Initial consultation, 6 coaching sessions and What’s Missing in Your Weight Loss Plan 4 audio cd set plus full 90 Day Workbook
Regular Price $1090.00
Fall into Winter Special $697.00

I LOVE IT! I got the workbook, pedometer and other items and started reading the material. I didn’t really jump right in but I did start looking at food and exercise differently. I started making better choices and drinking a LOT of water. I took all my measurements, and made my goals for 30-60-90 days. I have already lost 10 pounds in 30 days without really starting the program all the way. My doctor says I should be able to stop the high blood pressure medicine – and my husband thinks I look great. The program is easy to understand – and easy to follow – and it works! THANK YOU!!!”

Rebecka F: Justin, Texas

“The workshop that J.J. presented to our team was fantastic and we all attained great benefit from her wisdom and enthusiasm! Following the workshop, we all received products and programs. The 90 Day program, although dealing very much with physical health and well being also deals with the mental and emotional balance life needs to be complete. This program has made a tremendous difference to me in overall life management and made me more effective across all my roles

In 90 Days, I have lost over 10 pounds, 3% body fat, 5 inches and I went from wearing a 12/14 down to a 10! My injured back feels strong and pain free and I am shocked at how we have rehabilitated my knee- all over the phone and with the 90 Day materials. I can’t endorse J,J., Invisible Fitness and the 90 Day Health and Body Makeover Program enough for its structure and holistic approach. It works with my body, family, job and life. I’d recommend this program to everyone!”

Jacqui K: Wantagh, NY

“My company enrolled me in the 90-day program with JJ at the onset of the busiest and most stressful cycle I experience with my job. After just a couple of weeks of consistent exercise and healthy eating, I realized that I wasn’t coming home exhausted and mentally drained. I didn’t ache when I got out of the car after driving three or more hours a day. I wasn’t grumpy.

The program works because of the personal attention JJ gives each client. My weekly calls with JJ were an opportunity for me to ask questions, share my successes and frustrations, and gain more insight into the reasons why I was having success or setbacks. Each phone call helped me learn a little more about myself and the habits and attitudes I had toward exercise and food. JJ is more than a trainer. JJ helped me identify and manage my excuses and impulses. She helped me focus on the reasons why I could and should make better choices. JJ’s program is empowering and helps establish habits that go far beyond the 90-day workbook.

On the 89th day of my 90-day program, I jogged in a 5K, and finished 20 minutes sooner than I had calculated I could! A year before, I stood on the sidelines at this same race and cheered my husband to the finish line. I remember thinking then that there was no way I would ever want to run…much less choose to run in a race. This year, registering for the race was my idea, and I was able to run more of the race than my husband!

After 90 days, I dropped from a size 16 down to a size 12 (but I’m almost in a 10!). I lost seven pounds and 11 inches, and I lowered my body fat by 4%! But the biggest improvement is that I am committed to being good to myself. For the firs time in my life, I have made my own health a priority”

Renee L, Austin, TX / Jostens

Today, my son and I were about to enter the gym when one of the ladies who teaches Group Fitness, who was also entering the gym, said to me, “You must be very proud of yourself.”  I said, “why’s that?”  She continued” with how you have transformed your body, you look great.”  I was shocked. I have to admit that I am surprised on how well this is working.  Not being able to work  together (physically) you have gotten me down the better path.  The tools you have introduced and the better use of my time with cardo and weights at the gym, as well as the more fruits and veggies (ok still working on the veggies) for snacks has improved my “invisible” fitness, which has really changed my mental being.  I have wondered why it’s called invisible fitness, now I know why.  It starts with the inside and we have all been “trained” by articles that the outside is where the priority is.  I’ve been doing the outside for years and now I see it starts inside.  The outside will follow suit. You have helped me see things in a much better light, plus put me down the better path.  I feel great!! YOU HAVE EVEN MORE TALENT THEN JUST GOOD WORKOUTS. I’ve been able to keep on the positive side of things-readjusting my thinking, so it’s not getting the best of me.  My stress level hasn’t been there, Thanks JJ, You have the greatest insight.

Sally Mark / Loxahatchee, Florida

“My wife has danced and exercised most of her life and has always been in great shape but in the past few months after adding resistance training and using a heart monitor during her aerobic workouts, I have seen some amazing changes in her body. Her endurance and muscle tone has noticeably improved. Her continued commitment to herself through exercise and affirmations has not only helped her but our entire family as well. JJ, Deb is 48 today and she looks amazing. I don’t think people believe her when she tells them she has had 5 children. Your program was just what she needed to kick her up to the next level. The lucky husband,

Charles Weber / Orange, CT

CALL TODAY!!  800 571 5722

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