Why use a Fitness Coach vs a Personal Trainer?

In a generic gym environment, people who are new to working out, or are uncomfortable with their image, can easily feel intimidated and uncertain. They may go a few times, but unless they are guided and directed, statistics show that many members who sign up for a gym membership rarely use it. A fitness trainer can give you the direction and guidance you need, all from the comfort of your own home. No longer do you have to worry about prying eyes, or feeling out of place. Once you begin working out in your own environment where you feel protected and secure, you will be surprised at how quickly you regain confidence.
What’s the difference between a fitness coach and a personal trainer?
Statistics have shown that a fitness coach, not a personal
trainer, will produce better results than a personal trainer will.
Personal training is the service, (usually provided by your gym), of guiding you
through a workout, fitness coaching is the service of
guiding you through getting you a fit body (more than just
a workout). Having a fitness coach with you every step of
the way will help you to avoid the confusion and misleading
info out there and find out how to maintain fitness as a
way of life not a temporary condition. Personal trainers guide you
through physical work out sessions rarely addressing the need to
address the full body, including diet, metabolism, conditioning, etc.
What should you look for in a fitness coach?
What experience do they have in the fitness industry?

A highly dedicated and motivated fitness coach will be
dedicated to fitness as a career. You don’t want someone
who has personal training as just a hobby or temporary job,

who thinks hanging out at the gym is a social event. Look for
a fitness coach who dedicates themselves to continuous learning
and continuous improvement, who has proven credibility through writing,
speaking and credentials.

Do they have published articles? Are they relied upon by
the media? Do they give presentations to public groups?
Have they been interviewed as a credible source for fitness
information? These are things to consider to help determine
if they are actually serious about fitness, which means
results for you.

Look for a fitness coach that addresses more than just
working out. Look for someone who will show you how to
include proper eating habits, motivational strategies to
keep you going with your fitness program, and gives you a
detailed plan of action to get you to that body you desire
in the shortest amount of time possible.

If you don’t address each area you going to end up sunk
with wasted time and $$.

That is the difference between a personal trainer and a fitness coach- and we can help!
800 571 5722
ask about our specials and payment plans!

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